Easter Bunny Kill! Kill! Online distributie

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Easter Bunny Kill! Kill! Online distributie

Bericht door Psycho-M » 09 apr 2008 13:48

Here comes a sadistic bunny hopping down the online trail! I have good news for all you long-eared lovers that were waiting to finally catch EASTER BUNNY, KILL! KILL! which Jared last reported on here. The flick will be coming to a screen near you… a computer screen!

That’s right! EASTER BUNNY, KILL! KILL! is getting the downloading treatment only this package is perfectly legal. The idea came from the flick’s producer/actor, Trent Haaga, and writer/director, Chad Ferrin. Have a look at what Haaga said in an interview with Fango: “Chad and I have been having a heck of a time releasing the film, despite its winning the ‘Most Disturbing Film’ award at Philly’s Backseat Film Festival a few weeks ago. A lot of low-budget filmmakers are having problems finding distribution, and I believe a lot of indie DVD companies are going to go down in the next few years. So Chad and I have decided to take matters into our own hands, which means a DVD-quality version of EASTER BUNNY, KILL! KILL! is available for download right now for only $3.99.” Yes, you read correctly. You could be watching it right now! I’ll tell you how in a second, but first, check out what else Haaga had to say regarding his unpleasant distributor experience:

“See, this is how it used to work—you made an independent film using your own money, blood, sweat and tears, and then you spend more money and time sending it out to distributors. You got an advance on the film—a check based on potential sales—from the distributor. After waiting six months to a year, the movie came out and you couldn’t really find it anywhere, and then the distributors started sending you financial reports saying they hadn’t made any money on it and never would, so you were never going to get your cut of the sales. It was a headache and really put the power into the hands of the distributor, who owned the rights to your film until the end of your contract. After the nightmares we had with the last distributor, Chad and I decided to take the reins into our own hands, and we’re participating in a distribution experiment with a new company to see if we can’t take the power back from the distributors, have our film available worldwide and actually make a little money—or at least our budget back—while retaining controlling rights. Thus: online distribution.”

Hell yeah, Trent! Stick it to the man! I’m guessing that more flicks are going to follow in the EASTER BUNNY’s pixilated footsteps. And now, if you’re in the mood for seeing a rabbit-masked killer exacting revenge on those who seek to harm a mentally handicapped teen, then just click HERE. It only costs $3.99 (via credit card or PayPal)
Ik ben benieuwd of dit zijn vruchten gaat afwerpen voor de makers.

Deze film was overigens vorig jaar te zien op het AFFF.

Trailer van deze horror: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3UWgst1amQ

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