AvP/AvP2 interview Met P Anderson

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Bericht door Colonel_Kurz » 08 nov 2004 20:48

Mark schreef:
Colonel_Kurz schreef:Maar wie je wel helpt, is een raadsel... straatverbod? Waar heb jij het over?
Je gaat hier serieus lopen beweren dat je niet ziet dat het gaat over een straatverbod voor Anderson om van een camera weg te blijven... Moet ik jou ook helpen door het aan te wijzen?
Door je zinsbouw dacht ik dat je bedoelde dat deze 'fanboy's' om een straatverbod voor zichzelf vroegen... en daar begreep ik niks van.

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Bericht door Lobotomykid » 08 nov 2004 21:34

Ik vraag mij af wie er zou winnen: Mark vs. Predators vs. Aliens? :D
Whoever wins, we loose!

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Bericht door User.Reload() » 08 nov 2004 22:57

Red schreef:In de Empire van oktober stond dat hij deze film wilde maken voor het jonge publiek dat opgegroeid is met de comics en games van AVP
Net zoals hij als fan van beide franchises met AvP een film voor de fans wilde maken? :-?
Ik geloof er niks van!
AvP heb ik ook ondanks de vele slechte kritieken en dus tegen beter weten in gekeken. Maar wat een draak van een film! Beide series totaal onwaardig!
Red schreef:en niet voor de fans van de oude films.......schande!!
Da's inderdaad schande! Deze nono onmiddellijk vervangen door Ridley Scott of James Cameron.

Anders voorspel ik het volgende:

AvP: Whoever wins, we loose.

AvP2: Let's loose some more.

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Bericht door User.Reload() » 08 nov 2004 23:30

Het script had toch wel potentie...
Paul Witnie Seker Anderson schreef:
Alien vs. Predator:

Annette Protagonist: Man, I sure like climbing ice. Nothing better than scaling a perfectly smooth surface with no harness. Oh, now what?

Johnny Awesome: Hello. My employer needs your help. Climb aboard my flying machine and I will whisk you away to sunny Antarctica.

Protagonist: Well here we are in Antarctica. I suppose I'm here to guide people into an ice cave which I refuse to do but will do it anyway.

Archie Archeologist: And I'm probably here to translate something and make up Sh!T about an extinct culture like I always do at work.

Dickface: And I'm not even given a reason for being here. I'll probably just wind up dead to evoke pity from the audience.

Bishop: Greetings all. You work for The Company now. Our satellite found some weird heat thing under the ice here, and being the leading Artificial Intelligence and Robotics developer in the world, naturally we thought we could benefit from something deep below the Antarctic. Johnny?

Johnny: I trust you three have met each other. Here are the other ten members of our crew who'll die in the next fifteen minutes.
Bishop: I too am dying, but fortunately my legacy will live on in hideous androids.

Protagonist: My objection to this whole ordeal is made no less severe by your condition and the presence of this huge perfectly round tunnel going at a straight 30-degree angle to the earth's surface that appeared this morning, but let's go. Hey, a pyramid!

Archie: Hmm, judging from the strange symbols on the walls of the interior of this place that seem to be a perfect merging of the three totally diverse dead languages that I happen to be fluent in, and the position of these bodies, this was the sacrificial chamber, it was an honor to be sacrificed, 32% of the population thought the sacrifices were superfluous, red was the color the season this was built, and the carpenter had sideburns but no beard and nine toes altogether. There's no other explanation.

Johnny: Huh. I thought I saw something downstairs. Why don't you three and Bishop come with me to check it out, and the rest of you stay here in the sacrificial chamber.

Nerd guy: Sounds great.

Archie: Hmm, they look like some sort of artifacts. Whatever you do, don't remove them.

Johnny: I'm totally removing them.

Nerd guy: Hey, why are the doors closing around the sacrificial chamber? Hey look, eggs! Let's make omlettes.

Johnny: Oh man, why is everybody screaming upstairs? And who are these transparent guys with the Wolverine thing going on? O what has my hubris wrought upon us? My sh!t is now fu<ked.

Protagonist: Quick! Let's jump through these perpetually moving half-ton stone walls to get away from these big guys and possibly into further danger!

Predator 1: You'll never make it. I am the ultimate hunt-GLKTH!

Predator 2: To expand on my late comrade's sentiment, our training is too finely-HURRK!

Punk Alien: Ha ha! Yo, fucktwat! I just offed not one but both of your shitsmoking boyfriends, and now I'm going to do you too because I am invinci-BLrk!

Predator Yojimbo: Oops. Dropped your face there.

Bishop: You guys go ahead. I'm going to stay here and see if setting this guy on fire works. Oh, guess not.

Archie: Hurry up! Bishop might be dead, but we can still make it out of here ali- oh penis, I've been kidnapped by the beetle-guys. I hope they just want to ask me some questions.

Protagonist: I'm the only one left alive! Who could have expected that in an Alien or Predator movie? Oh crap basket, it's that big dude!

Yojimbo: Gimme my cannon.

Protagonist: Totally, here. You're not going to kill me? Of course, I understand the hunt now! We don't have to run, we can stay and fight together! With your strength, ingenuity, and technology coupled with my...um...indomitable spirit, nothing can stop us! We're whalers on the moon, we carry a harpoon! How should we take them?

Yojimbo: I'm totally blowing this place up.

Protagonist: Okay, fair enough.

Yojimbo: 49 seconds should be more than enough time to clear 3 miles, right?

Protagonist: We should take my rocket sled.

Alien: No way. You tool, is that a bom-

Protagonist: What a waste. I'm sure this crater will serve as a reminder to the Company to not fu<k with sh!t they don't understand.

Unfrozen Tortured Alien Queen: BOOYAH, BITCHES! YOU FORGOT ABOUT ME!

Yojimbo: Oh. Snap.

Queen: Suck my middle finger, cuntrags! This tail is totally going through your torso!

Yojimbo: Uh...OH! Aaagh, yeah...that's what it did, alright.

Protagonist: Don't worry, I chained her to this falling water tank!

Queen: What the piss are you-SHIET! I'm going down into freezing water! My one weakness! That and fire, bullets, and the vacuum of space, but really, who'da thunk?

Mayor McPredator: We've come to retrieve our corpse. We saw you killed a queen. Congratulations, you've earned your six-foot golden wang. Wear it on the outside so assholes know who not to fu<k with.

Protagonist: Not a problem. We should do this more often.

Worker Predator: Well here we are heading back to whatever the hell planet we come from. Too bad about Jeff, he was an awesome DJ. Well let's leave his corpse to rot.

Predator/Alien bursting out of Yojimbo's chest: Look at me! I'm an alien but I've got little Predator mandibles! What a twist, it's a The End Or Is It ending, LOL!

O+ :D

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