Birdman interpretatie

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Birdman interpretatie

Bericht door NWRfan » 27 jan 2015 17:04

Dus, ik was even aan het lezen op de IMDB messageboards over deze geweldige film, toen ik op de volgende interpretatie stuitte. Lees dit en mind=blown. De interpretatie is erg reëel en zou deze film naar een nieuw level tillen.
komt ie:

"Ok… So I seem to have a different interpretation of "Birdman" than anyone else.. at least on here.. but it is the only one that makes any sense. At least to me.. So here we go….

The first visual we get is a very brief shot of Jellyfish on the beach with the title “Birdman” over it… it is VERY brief.. nobody but an oceanographer with a pause button would have any idea what it was… then we go to the fireball in the sky.. and then we are in the room with Riggan as he levitates… from there the movie takes us on a one cut journey which defies time, space and logic. Many of the events are unrealistic and the characters seem stereotypical.

There are some things that are obviously not real… He can’t levitate, fly or move things with telekinetic powers..

But what other things are imaginary? My first thought was the Ex Wife. She seemed like the other voice in his head. Always there to calm him and comfort him at the right moments as if on cue. When,in real life, does that happen?

The relationship between the daughter and the actor seemed out of place… The kissing scene between the two female leads was odd… the Critic who is always at the Bar and tells Riggan that she is going to close his movie was ridiculous…. The Press corp was made up of every stereotype imaginable and asked horrible questions. The Play seemed to be tied into the storyline of the actors… NOTHING about this movie seemed real.

When he gets locked out of the back of the theater… he exits left, reaches Time Square, takes a right, then another right and finds himself at the front of his theater….. There is no way that works… he would have to take two lefts…

When the crowd goes out front during the first intermission we zoom up to his dressing room window… but it couldn’t be his dressing room because we know that there is a second window which doesn't appear outside…

These could be simple continuity mistakes but I don’t think they are mistakes.. I think they are done on purpose as clues to the true nature of the story..

He tells his Ex-Wife about his attempt at suicide which he aborts when he starts getting stung by Jellyfish..

After he shoots himself we go to several cuts… fireballs, marching band mixed with superheroes, the window in his dressing room and finally a longer shot of Jellyfish on the beach…

It is very odd to me that every review seems to omit the jellyfish.. or reduce them to some type of metaphor… They appear at the most important times of the movie.. Personally, I think they are the only real things we see..

I believe that the very short clip we see at the beginning is the last thing seen by Riggan before he passes out on the beach after a failed suicide attempt…

The next 90 minutes are the dream of a mentally and physically exhausted man in pain… when he shoots himself he is shocked awake..opens his eyes momentarily (Sees the Jellyfish)and consciously and unconsciously realizes he is alive.

Then he falls back to sleep and returns to the dream in a much more lucid state. Suddenly the mood of the movie turns..He's not dead, He is in the hospital with his ex wife and best friend, he gets a great review.. his daughter gets him the right flowers and loves him, the whole country is praying for his recovery,his new twitter page has 80,000 followers, he is relevant, his wounds are minimal, the bird-man in vanquished and his daughter finally sees that he can, indeed, fly.

Flying, telekinetic powers, running late to a meeting and being in your underwear (as well as speaking in front of a group of people in your underwear) are all classic dream events.. There is lack in continuity because the dream really doesn’t care about continuity. The story that we see is the one cut journey Riggan creates in his dream..

The first shot of the Jellyfish is brief and it appears to be sunrise with four or five jellyfish in the scene.. The second shot is much longer and we see a beach riddled with Jellyfish and birds scavenging them. And we see that the sun is higher in the sky…

Time has passed while Riggan lay passed out on the beach…

Riggan is alive.. Hopefully having learned from his failed attempt at suicide that life is precious and realizing that it took the burning stings of Jellyfish to make him appreciate it.. If it had not been for the Jellyfish he may have succeeded in killing himself.. His survival is a result of the unexpected virtue of ignorance.."

credits aan: rodgerhanlon

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